Weird dance

by Musselman

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released November 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Musselman Alcalá De Henares, Spain

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Track Name: Weird dance
Weird dance

Up to you how long wait
i am living in the darkest place,
in my mind strangeof my foolish heart, a weird dance
suck my bones dry
and leave the picks for the beast
looking inside,
where the walls seems to disappear
with every disaster
i wear a guise of smiles a hidden spirit
there is no live to define us
slowly i am slipping
think i never saw your face my whole being is a haze
slip the night through sorrow from my soul
down the line. out of time to escape
now it's time to forget my only way
because it's just a fake
only just a fake
Track Name: Other one
Other one

Anyone knows me,
you show me the other one
i am starting to belive
may be i am really alive again
growing like a tree over the sea
anyone knows me,
you show me the other side
running through the fields
selling our self control
nothing seems to satisfy my soul
don't you see the lights through the rhythm
hurry up it's time to go
will you see so clear
Track Name: Wind blows
Wind blows

Somewhere deep inside
where the wind blows hard
i can hear your voice
calling out my name
a child is growing
walking trough the fields
feeling the sun
you may throw the dice
but you can't decide
maybe i will try to escape
never ending way
don't matter what you did
after all their steps
all your steps
when i was a child
i used to fly so high
the harvest was plentiful
but i am going with the flow
see you in the morning light
walking trough the fields
don't matter what you did
after all theyr steps
Track Name: Tall trees
Tall trees

The tall trees all around
surround me with care
the sunlight filtering trought the leaves
but we will have to cry and you know
the reasons why..
please not far from me who knows
so many things we wan't to say to cry
the silence build my soul with the sand
i know one day we all will fly
but you never will be dust
in the distance you'll be air
there will be no punishment
beneath the sun may find
i don't care about your mind
none of them are mine
Track Name: Wild

I keep on walking for a thousand miles
leaving my soul in a deepest hole
i don't need any sense
for being an unborn
for being a fake
made a good run
trust me like a brother
take your time
stand in the wild
i have seen too drunk of himself
expired shit like she and he
walking on the same old path
coming soon in our damaged minds
made a good run
trust me like a brother
take your time
stand in the wild
Track Name: The fall
The fall

There was a time i used to be
like a call from the forest
now doesn't mean anything to me
because i don't believe in your blame
i wonder why i always fall
it's the same old story
and so i will try to understand
why i don't believe in your blame
i don't believe in your blame
tell me i am the only one
seems to be out of hands
i am still just a little insane
cause i don't believe in your blame
i don't believe in your blame
i don't believe in your...
Track Name: Rubber god
Rubber god

A call from the deepest
it's plain to hear
wish i could
wear a mask to escape
for a while
sold my flesh
just a fake
i can't fool myself
rubber god
plastic heaven
keeps me safe from my empty mind
rooted to the root
little dumb
it is all what you fear
Track Name: No time to whine
No time to whine

there was a time to whine
i guess it is not enough for me
going round and round my mind
to say we know the reasons why
so fake and so far
so blind and so hard
belong to another lie
it came from the skies
no time to believe
forgetting my soul
forgetting my soul
forgetting my soul
you listen now
other voices through the air
they are laughing in your face
i guess it is not enough for me
they are trapped in the net
to me and you
a world inside my head its falling down
another shot of pain its not enough
your listen other voices through the air
Track Name: Quiet place
Quiet Place

i tried to find a quiet place
far away from me
walking on a narrow path
leaving on my mind
(i gets wings to fly)
messing around like a loon
don't let your soul get lonely
someone will never even know
why the sky is falling down
don't lose your faith in the void
maybe you will survive
you`re on the edge of sane
too late to do whats right
Track Name: Falling down
Falling down

When the world falls apart
and your life it's going down
dreaming through the twilight
how to go inside yourself
drop by sobbing drop the rain
leaving a trail of me
Who are you?
what's are looking for?
Who are you?
just a piece of me
Rom the thunder and the storm
and the mist upon the hills
With the raindrops with the teardrops
In parting from you now
you'll try to understand
your days have been a dream
With may heart full of love
resurrected from the grave